​​​​​​​Fighting in Libya could make Sudan a haven for ISIS, al-Qaeda

Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council of Sudan, Yasser al-Atta, warned that his country might turn into a shelter for ISIS and al-Qaeda mercenaries if the fighting continues in Libya.

Yasser al-Atta said that what is happening in Libya, in light of the military reinforcements taking place in the surrounding of the Libyan city of Sirte, "is very regrettable and its effects, repercussions and threats will affect all neighboring countries," according to the Sudanese News Agency.

Atta stressed that "there are factions, militias, mercenaries and official groups from all parts of the world fighting in Libya now", pointing out that the armed forces and rapid support protect the Sudanese-Libyan borders and monitor everything that threatens security.

He explained that it was agreed between the Libyan and Sudanese parties to form joint forces to protect the borders, but the Libyan forces withdrew due to the security situation, and the Sudanese forces remained in the work to protect the borders.

The spokesman for the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces, Lt. Col. Adam Mohamed Ahmed Saleh, revealed on Thursday that the forces seized on July 12 "a group of 80 people, including two foreigners from the state of Syria, who were heading to the locations of the warring forces in Libya."

Saleh confirmed, "Another similar group of 80 people was arrested on the 15th of July, and they are on their way to Libya to work as mercenaries."



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