Figures from KRG discuss Turkish attacks, risks with Autonomous Administration representative

Personalities from the Parliament of Kurdistan Regional Government ( Başûr Kurdistan) visited the Autonomous Administration Representation of North and East Syria in the city of Sulaimaniyah, and the two parties discussed the dangers of Turkish attacks on Başûr "southern" Kurdistan, as well as touching on the overall political situation in northern and eastern Syria.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation included Sarko Kalali from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, and Soran Omar from the Kurdistan Islamic Group and independent parliamentarian Diyari Muhammad.

The visiting delegation was received by the representative of the Autonomous Administration, Norshan Hussein, and the members of the administrative committee, "Javedan Hassan, Slava Suleiman, Fathallah Hosseini," along with the representative of the Democratic Union Party Ibrahim Hassan, and the representative of the Syrian Democratic Council Hosheng Darwish.

During the meeting, the two sides shed light on the dangers of Turkish attacks on Başûr Kurdistan regions, especially after their incursion in a distance of approximately fifty kilometers, within the territory of Basur, and the need to take a clear and bold stance towards those brutal attacks targeting the Kurdish presence above all, and to undermine its gains from The path of indiscriminate and air attacks, and the views of both parties have coincided with the danger of the Turkish expansion project in the region in general and southern and western Kurdistan in particular.

Another axis of the meeting touched upon the overall political status quo in Rojava, as well as economic and military conditions were discussed, in addition to the results of the meetings of the Kurdish political parties in Rojava, and the need to unify the Kurdish discourse in line with the risks posed by Rojava, northern and eastern Syria in general.


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