Final outcome of Manbij explosion

An explosion took place on Wednesday in Manbij city in front of Qeser al-Omara Restaurant which sells grilled chicken in the crowded Sendos Street. According to information provided by the Health Committee in Manbij, three US soldiers, two fighters accompanying them and 13 civilians were martyred and lost their lives.


The explosion, which was adopted by IS, took place at 12:38 p.m., where a video depicted by surveillance cameras in a commercial shop showed the moment of the explosion, showing the great congestion that coincided with the passage of a US patrol in the street.

Immediately after the explosion, the Internal Security Forces rushed to surround the place and take the necessary security measures, and the ambulance and fire crews rushed to help the wounded. At the same time, US helicopters and patrols near the city went to the scene of the explosion.

One US helicopter landed on al-Beladi Playground near the site of the explosion to carry the US soldiers who were at the scene of the explosion.

The explosion, according to the health committee's director, Dr. Ahmed Hito, resulted in martyring and losing three US soldiers, their fighters and 13 civilians, in addition to wounding 18 including military members and civilians, the condition of five wounded is critical.

According to Hito, the injured civilians were taken to the hospitals in Manbij.

The explosion also caused serious damage to the civilians' shops and properties.



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