Firas Qassas: Disasters, scandals in occupied territories reveal Turkey's ugly face

The opponent politician Firas Qassas said that Turkey has no intention of eliminating Jabhet al-Nusra and is not showing the readiness to wage war against it, stressing that what is happening in the occupied territories, disasters and scandals, reveal the ugly face of Turkey.

The conflict, security chaos and differences between the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are escalating and worsening day by day in the areas occupied by Turkey in the north of Syria, in Idlib, Jarablus and Afrin. Turkey has not been able to resolve disputes or consolidate security in the areas it occupies.

In this regard, ANHA conducted an interview with the opponent politician and the head of the Syrian Modernity and Democracy Party Firas Qassas.

The following is the text of the interview:

* The areas occupied by Turkey in Syria are witnessing a security chaos, the Turkey-affiliated mercenaries are fighting; sometimes over sharing the stolen goods or areas of control, where some factions are trying to expand at others expense, how do you assess that?

We cannot assess what is happening in the areas occupied by Turkey only as disasters and scandals revealing the ugly face of Turkey in Syria, and the shameful structure of its clients from the extremist factions. No observer can see the image of what is happening in the areas of Turkish occupation with an independent and objective view, Turkey's aspiration to dominate the future of the country, and to strike the possibility of joint living among its components, as well as a diligent and patient quest to impede the experience of Democratic Autonomous Administration in Syria.

* Turkey claims that it will establish a safe area in northern Syria, but is unable to consolidate security in a city the size of Jarablus, which has been in place for three years, how can this duality be evaluated?

Turkey is willing to pay the cost of sabotage, war and occupation in Syria, but it is not prepared to shoulder the security bill sought by the Syrians. In fact, this is a double standard. Turkey's policy is exposed and its motives and complicated complexes are revealed and the mask of deception it tried to hide under before a group of Syrians is shattered. Turkey is sabotaging and endangering the future of the Syrians and blowing up what could be a suitable basis for their common life.

With regard to Idlib, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhet al-Nusra) closed all the roads leading from Idlib to Afrin, what is the role of Turkey in that, and can the groups of Turkey that Jabhet al-Nusra expelled from the western countryside of Aleppo to Afrin, to revolt on Turkey amid the scarce wages it pays mercenaries, preferring mercenary factions like Sultan Murad to other factions?

Turkey does not seem to have the intention of eliminating Jabhet al-Nusra and does not have the willingness to wage war against it. It does not see it as an enemy or a threat to it. This is not strange at all, as it is no secret that the Turkish role in supporting al-Nusra and all the expiatory factions in Syria, as for Turkey's client groups, I do not expect them to behave beyond the basis of their livelihood. They are extreme factions, poor and marginal, if material supports, they stop, and as the supporter and policy change, they change, too. These factions are not reliable in any case. Sultan Murad is no better according to the balance that you specified above, even worse; it is a cancerous tumor located in the face of the will of Syria for healing and salvation of life, peace, harmony and co-existence.

 As for Afrin, the violations continue before the eyes of the world, yesterday clashes between the mercenaries of Sultan Murad and Jabha Shamia happened, do not we see that an explosion will entail these violations and insecurity?

Scenarios are wide open in this region and between these two factions, but the total clash between them depends on the Turkish desire and is subject to the Turkish control as I imagine. Turkey, which controls the decision of the faction of Sultan Murad truth, believes that it also has an influence on Jabha Shamia. Whatever sectarian clash takes place between them is essentially linked to a Turkish role, in general, what we should count on in Afrin is our people from various components in northern Syria and throughout the country, not the kind of war between the forces of extremist mercenaries, but steadfast resistance till defeat of the Turkish occupation and the uprooting of its clients and its encirclement on the land of Afrin, this happens every day and I trust that this will put an end to the Turkish occupation of Afrin inevitably.



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