Fire and emergency teams protect people's crops, put out fire in Al Shaddadeh

Fire and emergency teams prevented the extension of fires that had broken out on harvested agricultural land in Al Shaddadeh district to the people’s crops, and worked to extinguish them.

Our correspondent from Al-Shaddadeh district located in al-Hasakah canton in north and east Syria said that a fire had broken out in agricultural land that had been harvested earlier for unknown reasons in Al-Bagdali village, 2 km east of the center of the district.

The reporter pointed out that the fire and emergency teams, with the help of the people, worked to put out the fire and prevented it from spreading to the wheat and barley crops that have not been harvested yet.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to set fire to agricultural lands near the occupied areas in Girê Spî, Tel Tamr, and Zerkan district in al-Hasakah canton.


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