Fire disaster engulfs France due to heatwaves

Fire in France has swept thousands of hectares of crops and plants in a large number of areas of the country as a result of extreme heat and drought.

A fire broke out on about 500 hectares of crops, especially reeds, 100 hectares of forest, and flames sometimes reached two kilometers high.

Four houses were also burned without causing casualties, and 250 firefighters were mobilized.

In the western region of Ur, where temperatures exceeded 42 percent, "the fires came at about 800 hectares." And requested reinforcements at the fire brigade level from neighboring districts.

There were also fires in Loire area in central western France, where 1,170 hectares of land were affected and 269 firefighters were mobilized. The highway was closed in the afternoon.

"We were expecting fires, but not this size, with the accumulated drought and heat, the slightest spark would lead to a fire," said Assistant Secretary-General of the Directorate Ludowa Ludovic Perat.

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