Fire extinguished after consuming 26 villages' fields in Tal Hamis, ad-Darbasiya

After considerable efforts, the firefighting engines and emergency committees in Al-Hasakah and Qamshalo cantons, with the help of the residents, the People's and Women's Protection Units and the Internal Security Forces, managed to extinguish the fire that swept through 16 villages in the village of Tal Hamis and 10 villages in ad-Darbasiya.

On Tuesday, June 11, a huge fire destroyed large tracts of farmland estimated at thousands of hectares of wheat, barley and straw, which the livestock owners hoped to graze their sheep and cows through.

The fire broke out in the village of Tel Azam, west of Tal Hamis, 15 km north of Tel Hamis, and burned an area of ​​30 km from the agricultural land of 15 villages and headed to the eastern village of Tal Hamis.

The fire burned the agricultural lands in each of the following villages: "Tal Ozam, Idrissi, Fakhariah, Khutilat Dushu, Barda, Tel Lahim, Farhaniya, Skiriya, Rashidiya, Azo, Hilwat Bani Saaba, Hilwa Kabira, Hilwa Saghira, Kharab Mahar, and Farouja.

The Internal Security Forces mobilized all its branches in the place of the fire to help extinguish it, and the medical staff of the Kurdish Red Crescent went to the villages that were attacked by the fires to help the people and intervene in case of any emergency.

After the fire was extinguished in the villages of Tal Hamis, the fire engines went to Tel Barak area to participate in putting out the fire that broke out in the villages of "Karsayneh, Jarneh, Dalala, Bahiya, Tel Shams, Kreizel, Atashana and Tel Jahash" in Tel Barak area.

In ad-Darbasiya district in Qamishlo canton, at 14:30 local time, huge fires broke out in many of the villages in the area. Agricultural lands were burned in the village of Hamidiya, south of ad-Darbasiya area. The fire then spread to several neighboring villages. Due to the speedy wind, the fire quickly expanded to cause a significant loss of agricultural land in the villages of "Hamidiya, Golbestan, Shor, Farhiya Bahlu, Sanjak, Hebo, Safir, Safir and Basharya and fire was put out in the village of Almashkok."

After the firefighting engines and emergency committees made intensive efforts in al-Hasaka canton and with the support of the People's and Women's Protection Units and the Internal Security Forces were able to extinguish the fire and control it tonight.



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