Fires extinguished in two villages, work is continuing to extinguish two other villages

The fire broke out again in the crops of the farmers of the village of Tirbe Spiye this noon, and the firefighting engines and emergency committees immediately went to the area to put it out. They have managed to extinguish it in the villages of Maashouk and Kerbakil, while the fields of Khoshonia and Ali Badrana villages are still alight.

Our correspondent reported that a fire broke out in the village of Karbakil and spread towards the village of Mashouk and then spread to the agricultural land of the farmers of Khoshenia and Ali Badraneh as the wind inflamed it. Immediately, firefighting teams, emergency committees and residents of the area went to extinguish it.

According to our correspondent, the firefighters managed to extinguish the fires in the crops of the villages of Mashouk and Kerbakil, and the teams continue to put out fires in the villages of Khoshenia and Ali Badrana.


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