First Syrian families leave Al-Hol Camp today

35 Syrian families prepare themselves to leave Al-Hol Camp, and head to the city of Raqqa and it's outskirts, within the first phase of exiting the willing Syrian families to leave the camp, in compliance with the Autonomous Administration's decree.

It was reported by ANHA's correspondent at Al-Hol Camp, to the east of the city of Al-Hasaka, that 35 Syrian families, that make up 117 people, are packing their luggage's in one of the camps squares, close to the main entrance, in preparation for leaving.  

The correspondent reported from officials in the Camp's management that these families would leave the camp within next few hours, towards the city of Raqqa and it's outskirts. 

The officials noted that departures are those applied for leaving applications from the camp to the offices opened for this purpose, after decree 146 was issued by the Autonomous Administration that stipulates for departure of the Syrian families that will to leave the camp.  

Relations Office official in the camp, Jaber Mustafa, had stated , in an earlier interview with ANHA, that the management of the camp is preparing to exit Syrian families, and that the first journeys would be conducted within the ongoing week.  

The Autonomous Administration decreed on October 10th a decision entails that Syrian displaced families that will to leave Al-Hol Camp, would be allowed exit, in accordance with meeting held on October 5th, 2020 between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Syria's Democratic Council, Social Affairs and Work Body and the Internal Body. 

Syrian families in Al-Hol Camp are divided into two categories, a category wants to leave the camp, and another, which are a majority, do not want to leave the camp, due to living reasons and other personal security ones.    

According to latest statistics by the camp's management, there are 17693 families in the camp, that include 64373 people, of which 6706 are Syrian families that include 42223 people.



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