Food baskets distributed to needy and low-income families

As a humanitarian initiative, the Lawyers Union in al-Jazeera region - Qamishlo branch has started distributing food baskets to families with low incomes and families that earn their strength on a daily basis.

Curfew has been impose in all regions of cities, districts, and towns in northern and eastern Syria since March 23 as a precautionary measure to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus in the region, and to prevent the impact of the ban on families who gain their strength on a daily basis through daily actions. The Lawyers Union distributed food baskets to dozens of families in the city of Qamishlo.

The food baskets distributed to families with low incomes by the city council in Qamishlo (rice, tomato paste, bulgur, vegetable oil, pasta, and sweetness).

Qamishlo Council’s’ co-chair Mona Farouk said in this regard: "We are now passing through a phase that requires extending aid to families with low incomes

 and those who secure their strength daily through daily work. This initiative is a humanitarian initiative and we thank the efforts made by the Bar Association."

On the distribution process, Mona Farouk noted that the communes of the city recorded the names of families with low incomes, and the council provided them with food baskets. She explained that the process of registering family names continues and providing food baskets will not stop until the ban ends.

Of note, the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria issued a decision today to distribute food baskets to all poor and needy families who depend on their strength for daily work throughout the days of the ban.



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