For 1ST time, Libyan Military Committee talks to hold inside country

The United Nations announced that the fifth round of talks of the Joint Libyan Military Committee will take place inside Libya for the first time since the formation of the committee, according to the outcomes of the Berlin conference.

According to a statement by the UN mission on Saturday, the Libyan Joint Military Committee will hold the fifth round of talks between 2 and 4 November for the first time inside Libya, in the city of Ghadames, in the presence of the Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Libya, Stephanie Williams."

The Participants in the meeting will discuss "mechanisms for implementing the permanent ceasefire agreement, including the establishment of sub-committees, as well as mechanisms for monitoring and verifying the ceasefire."

The United Nations announced at an earlier time the launch of a forum for political dialogue among the Libyan parties through the visual communication mechanism, provided that a direct meeting among the parties will be held in Tunis on the ninth of November.

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