"For Freedom" film displayed for the first time in Rumilan

The "Commune of Rojava film" displayed in The Town of Ramlan, a film entitled "For Freedom", which embodies the resistance and struggle of a group of Kurdish young men who faced the Turkish occupation army to defend their city.

The film, which was screened at Aram Tigran hall for  Exhibition and Art Gallery in Rumilan town, was attended by hundreds of residents of Girke Lege and Rumilan in  Qamishlo Canton, and dozens of artists, intellectuals and playwrights attended it.

The film tells a true story of the resistance of a group of Kurdish youths who confronted the Turkish occupation army to defend their city with sophisticated weapons, and stood in their face for 100 days in the resistance of Sur Amed, and is based on the diaries of those who were martyred in that resistance, and the testimonies of  two surviving and some of them. They're in the movie, too.

The film was banned from screening in the City of Selmaniya in  Kurdistan Region, after it was due to be screened in 2019-12-13 and banned by the Administration of the security forces  Bashur Kurdistan under the pretext of the security concerns.

The film was first screened at the International Film Festival in India. The film is expected to be screened in different parts of Rojava and north eastern Syria.



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