Formation IC to try Daesh is legitimate right

The Officials in north and east of Syria said that the international society, especially the countries whose citizens have joined to IS' mercenaries to undertake its duty towards these mercenaries and to support the establishment of an international court to try Daesh on the lands of north and east of Syria, they see this demand as a right of the people of the region "because mercenaries committed horrible massacres against them."

The components of north and east of Syria were able to defeat Daesh geographically from entire the areas of north and east of Syria, those mercenaries who were a threat to the world and the international society as a whole, and now the biggest role lies with the European countries and the international community in particular, In order to end Daesh file finally by supporting the efforts of Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria to form an international tribunal to try mercenaries, this demand is the demand of all components of the region, because Daesh committed their crimes and violations of the killings, destruction, looting and stealing against the components of the region, In addition, al-Raqqa and Manbij were the center of terrorist planning operations that hit several European countries.

The Syrian Democratic Forces SDF and before the People's and Women's Protection Units who arrested hundreds of Dash elements, during the liberation battles, starting from Girkê Legê, Çil Agha, Serêkaniyê and Kobani canton and then Tel-Hamis district, Tel- Barak and al-Shahddadi arriving to Ain Issa district, Manbij city and al-Raqqa city the last of which is the eastern countryside of Deri-ez-Zor.

North Syria 's peoples fought bravely against Daesh during the battles where achieved great sacrifices provided more than 11,000 martyrs and 21,000 martyrs wounded, including hundreds of people with permanent disabilities. According to a statement made by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces on the announcement ceremony for the liberation of the last stronghold of mercenaries on March 23.

1,000 IS' elements from 50 countries captured in AA's prisons 

More than 1,000 IS' foreign existed in AA's prisons and the Syrian Democratic Forces from 50 EU countries and world states, and more than 12,000 persons from IS' families and their children, who are existed in camps established by Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria.

On March 25, during a press conference, the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria demanded the international society to establish an international tribunal to try IS' mercenaries who are arrested in security authorities of (AA), in addition to demanding cooperation and support in this regard.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria explained that IS' mercenaries had created a great threat to Syria, the region and the world, causing massive destruction to the areas which were under IS' domination, as well as large numbers of civilian were killed by Daesh, where committed horrible crimes such as murdering, killing, looting, rape, abduction, recruitment of children, intimidation of the safe population and the spread of terrorism and extremism.

After statement of Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, the Office of External Relations of the Administration began to communicate with countries that had IS' mercenaries and are now being detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces for the formation of an international tribunal within the territory of north and east of Syria.

Sanaa Daham, a member of the Administrator Body of External Relations' Office for Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, said there were about 1,000 foreign IS' mercenaries in the administration's prisons, in addition to 4,000 women and 8,000 child mercenaries in the AA's camps.

On the reasons for the claim of the (AA) to form an international tribunal for Daesh in the region, Sana Daham indicated that mercenaries committed crimes against the people of this region, and must be tried here, and revealed that the Office of External Relations and after the declaration of (AA)to form an international tribunal in the region, began to work and communicate with the countries of the International Coalition and European countries for that. "We fought together and we must also work together to end the IS' file."

On the subject of the IS' families (women and children who are existed in AA's camps, Sana Daham explained that their countries refuse to receive them and return them to their homelands. "We believe that this decision is incorrect, because these detainees require special care to get rid of the extremist ideas that mercenaries had planted in their minds.

She pointed out that the areas of north and east of Syria are now threatened by the Turkish occupation. In the event of any emergency, it is likely that the families of IS' mercenaries will escape from the camps, and this will pose a great threat to European countries and likely to return home and commit terrorist acts there.

Lawyer Khalid Saif al-Din Omar said that if the formation of such a court is recognized, it would initially require that the countries whose citizens have joined to IS' mercenaries should not evade responsibility and recognize the court. Secondly, they must assume all the responsibilities and financial burdens. And he said: "Because this court is likely to last for years.



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