Formation of Autonomous Administration of North, East Syria

The autonomous and civil administrations and local councils in north and east Syria are "autonomous administration of north and east of Syria" have been formed at a meeting of the Democratic Syrian Council on Thursday.


The Syrian Democratic Council is holding a meeting of local councils and autonomous administration departments in north and east Syria to form an autonomous administration of north and east of Syria" on the basis of the decision taken at the third conference of the Democratic Council of Syria held on 16 July this year.

The meeting is being held at the headquarters of the Democratic Council of Syria in Ain Issa, in which the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Amina Omar participated, the heads of the civil councils in North Syria and the dignitaries of the Arab tribes.

The meeting began with a minute of silence, after which the Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, gave a speech in which she said: "The formation of an autonomous administration of north and east Syria is a project proposed by the Syrian Democratic Council at its third conference held on 16/7/2018 in al-Tabqa city. The objective of the project was to form a management structure that coordinates the services between the areas, the autonomous administration which was formed to fill the administrative and security vacuum and the coordination between the administrative structures in the north and east of Syria, was able to maintain stability and provide services to the residents of the area and protect them from the terrorist organization and these administrations were able to maintain the security and stability of the area and its administration. "

Amina Omar said that during the liberation campaigns of the area, the Syrian Democratic Council formed the civil councils and administrations to take care of the service areas liberated from the control of ISIS, despite the distance between these areas, but supported each other  materially and in morale, facing terrorism thanks to the efforts of autonomous administrations and thanks to great support of the people and sought as much as possible to change the mentality.

Amina noted that the result of the time difference between the formation of these administration has emerged organizational gaps affecting the lives of the people in terms of service, in order to fill these gaps and achieve a fair balance and coordination between administrations, there was a need to have a management structure that oversees the coordination process well to provide services, after the negotiations conducted by the Syrian Democratic Council with the autonomous and civil administrations in the area has been recognized to form a joint administration for north and east Syria.

Amina Omar confirmed that the councils agreed under the supervision of the Syrian Democratic Council to form a preparatory committee represented by all administrations. The committee's mission is to determine the nature and form of the administration and to lay down its rules and bases and clarify the tasks and basic principles and rights and powers between the autonomous and civil administrations on one hand, and between it and the Syrian Democratic Council on the other hand,this committee supervises the foundation works until the administration directs its work.

Amina Omar pointed out that the Preparatory Committee held its meeting and formed a mini committee to write the necessary documents, and to identify the names of members of the General Council of autonomous administration and local councils of 70 members, and were approved by the local legislatures.

"On this basis, we in the Syrian Democratic Council announce the opening of the first meeting of the General Council for the Democratic autonomous administration of north and east Syria to elect the co-chair and the board of the general council.

It is scheduled that a co-chair will be elected and a five-member chamber of the general council will be elected for the autonomous administration in north and east Syria.



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