Former US official to CNN: Turks will try to kill as many Syrian Kurds as possible

Mike Rogers, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, warned in an interview with CNN that there was a massacre against Syria's Kurds as Turkey prepares to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

Former Republican Representative Mike Rogers said in an interview with CNN about US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria, the Turks will to kill as many Kurds as they can."

 “We trained the SDF and gave them a mission and we told them to go and do these things to eliminate ISIS,” Rogers said. The US president boasted of how quickly they moved across Syria to get rid of ISIS, and thank the Kurds who made it possible.

Rogers said that this crisis is "much worse" than all the crises facing the United States currently, such as trade war with China and Russia's interference in American affairs, calling it "a disaster in my view."

 “It will be more destructive and have an impact on our allies and our interaction in the Middle East,” Rogers said. "There will be consequences for abandoning people who risked their lives in very difficult circumstances to fight the war against ISIS, which threatens the United States."



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