Former US official: Turkish adventures may lead to armed conflict within NATO

A former US military official warned that the Turkish adventures in the Mediterranean might lead to the outbreak of an armed conflict "within NATO," if the United States did not intervene harder to contain the situation.

Retired General Thomas Trask, former deputy commander of the US Special Operations Command, pointed out in an article for the National Interest website the transformation taking place in Turkey, what “previously a secular and democratic Western partner guarding the southeastern wing of NATO is now more Islamic and nationalist authoritarian."

Trask said that the main feature of the new Turkey is its "intervention in the eastern Mediterranean, as it implements a Turkish version of gunboat diplomacy."

And he considered that the discovery of large undersea energy reserves by Cyprus, Egypt, Israel and other potential regional actors in the future, is "a major driver of Turkish ambitions in the Mediterranean, as Ankara intervened militarily in Libya to save the Tripoli government of the Muslim Brotherhood, in exchange for a border agreement." It aims to recognize the vast Turkish territorial claims in the eastern Mediterranean. "



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