France condemns closure of two crossings, including al-Yarubia, that will turn the camps into a time bombs

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian condemned the closure of two crossings, including al-Yarubia crossing, from which humanitarian aid has entered northern and eastern Syria, saying: "This measure will limit our ability to operate." He warned that the refugee camps would turn into a time bombs.

"The humanitarian situation in the camps raises increasing concern, and he may develop into something like a time bombs threatening to blow up the situation in (Roj and al-Hol) camps," Le Drian said before the National Assembly's foreign committee.

Ludarian's warning came, with the closure of two border crossings with Iraq, intended to bring in humanitarian aid.

On Friday, the UN Security Council agreed to extend the mechanism for the delivery of humanitarian aid across the border to Syria for a period of six months instead of a year, under pressure from Moscow.

The Security Council ruled out the provision of aid through two crossings, one of which is al-Yarubia crossing with Iraq, which was usually used to deliver medical aid, where more than a million and a half million people depend on humanitarian aid.

Ludarina acknowledged that this measure "will reduce our ability to work," noting that his ministry allocated 50 million euros of humanitarian aid in 2019 to the region.



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