Free Woman Movement: Let every home be a Kurdish language school

The Free Woman Movement called for a struggle to protect the Kurdish language from assimilation, and to make every home a school of the Kurdish language.

The Free Woman Movement issued a written statement in conjunction with the International Mother Language Day, which is February 21 of each year.

The statement stated: "There is nothing more harmful than torture associated with cultural smelting, in which culture and art are exterminated, which leads to the atrophy and paralysis of societies."

"After the paralysis of societies, they are exploited according to interests, and individuals are transformed into robots, the individual who is deprived of his/her language, deprived of happiness, of culture, politics and freedom, and gets lost within the existing system, there are sacred values ​​for all peoples, and language is one of these values."

Nations can protect their existence by protecting their language, and thus maintaining their survival.

When the colonial powers try to destroy a nation, they first target the nation's language, culture and heritage.

The statement mentioned the practices of occupation and colonialism in Kurdistan: "All conspiracies and plans initially targeted the Kurdish language, and then targeted the Kurdish people. All forms of attacks were carried out to eliminate the Kurdish people, but the Kurdish language is so authentic that it has managed to reach to this day."

In its statement, the Young Woman Movement made an appeal to all the Kurdish people: "We will continue the struggle until achieving freedom for the mother tongue, and saving ourselves from fusion. Therefore, as we congratulate the International Language Day, we appeal to all the Kurdish people to practice all their life activities, and crown them in the Kurdish language, and protect them from melting attempts, to read in Kurdish, write and speak in Kurdish, and continue the struggle against melting, and that every home turns into a school for the Kurdish language.



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