Free Women's Center ends first medical course in Kobani

The Free Women's Center has finished the first course which is under name the martyr" Lêgerîn" in the Academy of the health in Rojava, during ceremony.

The course lasted for 6 months, and 42 members were joined to the course, where the celebration of the end of the course was organized in Euphrates Hall in Kobani city, in the presence of hundreds members of institutions and bodies in the city.

During the ceremony, a member of the Coordination Committee of Kongra Star in the Euphrates Region, Beman Aydin, who delivered speech in which she congratulated all trainees and said" We are proud today that the first medical course in Kobani city has been successfully completed. It is well known that women are establishing of the society, and this is our goal of opening the course, in order to manage women themselves," she said.

On behalf of Kobani doctors, Hikmet Ahmed said:"This is the first official course organized in Kobani city after the revolution of 19 July, and with the help of the Free Women's Center, we were able to organize this course."

The administrator at the Health Academy, Nalin Mohammed: said that they were able to open this course with a strong will and blessed by all the trainees the end of the course.

Then certificates were distributed by female members of Free Women's Center on the graduates.



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