French delegation reveals its purpose to visit AA's areas

The head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the French Parliament revealed that the reason for her visit to Autonomous Administration areas was to recognize AA and provide support for it and the military forces that fought terrorism.

A delegation from the French Parliament visited the headquarters of Autonomous Administration (AA) and Syrian Democratic Council (SDC). The delegation included the head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the French Parliament, Mariel de Sarnez, Demier Le Bon, the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the French Parliament Patrit Frankski, and the representative of AA in France Khalid Issa.

During the visit, the head of the Foreign Relations Committee delivered a statement to the media outlets, revealing the purpose of her visit to northern and eastern Syria.

"I came here to express my recognition of everyone in this region, even the fighters who fought against barbarism and engaged in the battles again Daesh," said Mariel de Sarnez.

"France has been always supporting AA and SDF in this battle and will be on your side for reconstruction and stability so as to give hope for the future and reconstruction of the people of the region," Mariel de Sarnes added.

And she continued by saying, "We are here to secure all the requirements of security and peace in this region and the world, and this is part of our mission, and you have given a lot to all humanity."



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