French newspaper confirms al-Baghdadi existence in Libya, experts say that due to Qatar, Turkey's support 

The French newspaper "John Afrique" quoted from intelligence sources that the leader of Daesh mercenaries Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi fled to Libya after the defeat of his elements in al-Baguz village by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), while experts attributed the conversion of al-Baghdadi's operations to Libya because of Turkish and Qatari air support.

The newspaper John Afrique quoted from sources it described as "intelligence" that Tunisia received information about al-Baghdadi from the International Coalition led by Washington against "Daesh" in both Syria and Iraq.

Earlier, a Tunisian website of Tunisie Neméric reported that the leader of Daesh mercenaries fled to Libya after he was defeated in al-Baguz village in Deir ez-Zor governorate, eastern Syria, the last stronghold of them.

According to press reports, analysts did not rule out that al-Baghdadi fled to Libya amid the presence of leaders of his organization in the region, who can provide various ways for him to fight another long war in the region stretching from Libya on the Mediterranean Sea to the far desert coast, where the terrorist organization is active and the Libyan National Army is fighting against terrorism.

According to media reports, British forces have transferred a number of its soldiers in Libya, after receiving information about the possibility of the presence of al-Baghdadi in this country.

"The transferring of the battle of al-Baghdadi to the region is possible if his moving to Libya is confirmed, where his supporters have unlimited capabilities, such as their control of air routes and regular flights between Istanbul and Tripoli, through which they can transport al-Baghdadi," said Othman Tazghart.

A group led by the wanted Libyan terrorist Abdel Hakim Belhaj has active airlines with the slogan "Libyan Wings" that conduct flies regularly between Tripoli, Doha and Istanbul.



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