From camps of resistance: "Our destination will be Afrin"

Four years have passed since occupation of Afrin canton, and the war still going on through different ways in Al-Shahba canton, but the popular resistance has another title for IDPs of Afrin in face of the dominant powers' policies




IDPs of Afrin have been fighting for 4 years the fiercest battles alongside, traditional war machine, the special war, which has become known as the bloodiest and most beneficial war for the dominant powers.
The displaced of Afrin are resisting face to face policy of the hostile forces which called "politics of surrender" through dismantling of society from within. However, the popular resistance has become a lethal weapon to combat these machinations.
As the green light from Russia, International Community indifference and complicity of Damascus government, Turkey backed by thousands of mercenaries, launched the most violent aggression against Afrin canton from 8 main axes on January 20, 2018.
From eight axes Turkish state managed to occupy Afrin, and tried once again, with participation of the same parties which had the most prominent role in occupying Afrin, to eliminate inhabitants of Afrin during the second phase of age resistance.
First fronts was policy of starvation in which the colonial powers opened fire on IDPs of Afrin, in addition to promotion of drugs and immoral acts within the society, especially in the camps, whereas the second one was intimidation of the displaced, within framework of special war intrigues.
While the third was UNICEF which reduced amounts of water to the people after three and a half years, under pretext that the allocated amounts to help them had been lowered.
Basically, the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries insist on committing the most heinous crimes and spilling blood of the displaced, especially children and women as in massacres of Tal Rifat and Aqbia in sherawa district.
The resistance has another address in IDPs camps
“We have no choice but resistance.” with these words, Uncle Muhammad Sheikh Qanbar, who lives in Sardam camp, expressed their determination to counter all conspiracies being hatched against them to drive them away from the homes after four years of the forced displacement.
At the beginning of his talk, Sheikh Qanbar refers to the living reality and the special war machine, especially in the period of forced displacement of the people, Qanbar explained the occupation plots and the hostile forces against the displaced in Al-Shahba canton within the framework of the special war policies, saying: "In addition to the unjust siege on Al-Shahba canton, the hostile forces are waging a massive war against us, starting with starvation policy to intimidate the people and spread panic through the continuous bombing, massacres, to forcibly displace the people from their homes.
Enemy' policies could not defeat IDPs of Afrin
In his speech, Sheikh Qanbar believes that objectives of the occupation and hostile forces with their malicious policies is emptying Al-Shahba canton from its residents .
Qanbar affirmed that theTurkish occupation failed in obliteration the people of Afrin during the first stage of its aggression, while tries to exterminate them via the special war.
Qanbar stated that many of the displaced lost their lives as they didn't reach hospitals of Aleppo due to closure of the crossings and roads by the Damascus government.

Muhammad Sheikh Qanbar concluded by saying "In every Afrinian heart, an olive tree and mountains of Afrin, so it is not possible to obtain this will and determination.
The Afrinian woman is an example of resistance
As for the citizen, Arin Ali, in her speech, she referred to difficulties which women suffer after being displaced from her city of Afrin to Al-Shahba, and said, "When we talk about a woman's life after her displacement from her homes, we can refer to abuses that practiced against humanity."
Through their colonial policies, Arin emphasized that enemies of the Kurdish people always target character of the free woman, as women are basis of societies.
Arin added that despite all attempts and intrigues against the people, the Afrinian woman is still fighting in the al-Shahba canton.
At the end of her speech, Arin noted that the Turkish state is trying to achieve what it could not do in Afrin during the barbaric aggression.
For her part, citizen Nisreen Shaabo indicated that they are in the Al-Shahba canton in a massive war, face to face with the Turkish occupation and its gangs at all levels militarily politically.
Nasrin said that " We determine to stay and resist until liberation of Afrin, no matter how the enemies try to drive us away from our homes, noting that for four years the people have been saying, "We want nothing but Afrin."
Nasrin concluded that the Afrinian woman proved herself although hardships and difficult circumstances, they created an atmosphere at her tent, a beautiful nature with flowers and trees, to relieve herself and her family in the hope of returning to Afrin.




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