From dialogue forum .. MSD call for democratic decentralization

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD), Ryad Derrar, said that the meetings organized by the council come within the framework of seeking to recognize "democratic decentralization so that the people are the source of authority and the rule of the people is achieved."


The speech which was made by Ryad Derrar, came at the third Syrian-Syrian dialogue held in the city of Kobanî.

"This meeting, the third Syrian-Syrian dialogue, coincides with the victory over terrorism and extremism and the end of Daesh in al-Bagouz.

The third dialogue came under the slogan "From the Syrian Social Contract Towards the New Democratic Era", with the participation of 132 political juridical figures from the opposition abroad and inside Syria, along with writers and journalists.

Derrar added, "The term" democratic decentralization "reflects a political system where decentralization is combined with democracy, where people are the source of authority and where the people's rule is achieved by delegating representatives of the elected regions to an expanded administration of local authorities and representation of responsibilities. Accounting for those who come out of the local voters, and here participatory democracy is shown in the widest range because it is an open eye to the reality of the pension. "

He also pointed out that the country has passed through the authority of the authoritarian league which has imposed obedience and used the ideological influences of the rule of mobilization and overcome the rules of competition and building and created the neural republic and set up to compete the identity of the deadly democracy to prevent any democratic coexistence by force and coercion.

The Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum will continue and the debate on the Syrian constitution will be discussed on the first day.



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