​​​​​​​From Şengal to Afrin ... Yazidi women face Turkish genocide

Yazidi women undergo, in front of the world’s attention, to heinous crimes in Afrin, in which the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries exceed the atrocity committed by ISIS mercenaries in Şengal.

Throughout history, the Yazidi religion has haunted the Turkish occupation projects, consequently were the first target of Turkish barbaric attacks, as the Ottoman state, up to today's Turkey, claims to defend Islam, and seeks to eliminate the Yazidis under the pretext of religion.

It has nothing mysterious about it, that the most massive genocide that occurred against the Yazidis was in the twenty-first century, when Turkey’s stepdaughter ISIS launched an attack on Şengal that killed thousands and kidnapped hundreds of women and captive them.

Since the Turkish state's occupation of Afrin canton in March 2018, it went on carrying out a demographic change. In particular, Yazidis women have been subjected to killing, harassment, displacement, kidnapping and rape. They have been able, over the centuries, to preserve her close connection to her religion, land and identity and Kurdish heritage.

'Yazidi in Afrin'

In Afrin canton, the Yazidis are distributed into 23 villages and cities, which are:

* Sherawa district (Jebel Liloun), that is divided into 10 regions, namely: “Askka, Shadeera, Ghaziyya, Burj Abdullah, Ain Darah, Trrinda, Qibar, Kimar, Basoun and Bai’a.”

* Shera sub-district (Shakak), divided into 5 areas in the sub-district, and they are: "Qatama, Singa, Pafilion, Qastal Jindo and Ali Qeena."

* Jinderesse sub-district embraces Yazidis in 7 regions and villages, which are: “Faqira, Qajuma, Qila, Ashkan Sharqi, Jaqla, Kafr Zeit, and the center of the district.”

'Yazidi shrines destroyed'

Similar to the ISIS heinous acts on August 3, 2014 in Şengal, Turkey and its mercenaries began to demolish and destroy the 19 Yazidi shrines for demographic change, dispersing the Yazidi community and ending the Kurdish roots in Afrin.

The shrines are located as follows:

* Barsa Khatun, located in the village (Qastal Jando), Sheikh Hameed (Qastal Jando), Sheikh Gharib (Sinka), Jabal Khanna (Qibar), Malak Adi (Qibar), Sheikh Junaid (Faqira), Hoger (Qarah Jarnah), Sheikh Barakat (Jabal Sheikh Barakat), Sheikh Ali (Basoffan), Sheikh Rakab (Shadriya), Sharaf Din (Pafilion), Bella Manan (Kafr Jannah), Bir Jafeer (Mashuli near Hanan), Burj Jundi (Qibar), Hajari site (Qibar), Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Trenda), Sheikh Karas (Deir Ballut), Abu Kaaba site (Abu Kaaba village), Sheikh Qassab (Burj Qas).

'Practices that exceeded ISIS crimes'

Under the three years of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries of Afrin canton, they practiced crimes against Yazidi women that exceeded ISIS; they kidnapped hundreds of Yazidi women in exchange for ransom, such as Ghalia Saeed from the village of Jaqla, who was released for 7 thousand euros, Citizen Ghazala from the village of Basufa, who lost her memory as a result of torture, and citizen Adoula Safar from Qastal Jando, who fell into the hands of the mercenaries and stayed for 6 months in the occupation prisons, to be released later in exchange for thousands of dollars. Fatima Nasro from the village of Qibar was also released for thousands of dollars.

The Turkish occupation threatens the families of Yazidi women and giving them a choice of staying to commit the crimes of murder, kidnapping, rape, or deportation, and according to the member of the Yazidi Women Coordinator Aisha Seydou, the fate of hundreds of Yazidi women is still unknown because of their inability to communicate with them inside Afrin.

'ISIS fatwas in Afrin

Aisha Seydou says that the occupation kidnapped Yazidi women to enslave them, as they kidnapped two women from the village of Atma, after they killed the mother of each of their husbands and forcibly married them, as ISIS used to do in Şengal.

'Forcing the Yazidis to convert to Islam and dressing in black'

They are forcing children and Yazidi women to wear black, pronouncing the Islamic testimony and entering Islam. They also force the sheikhs of the Yazidi religion to enter mosques and raise the call to prayer in them. They also force children to learn the principles of the Islamic religion. Whoever does not send them, gets killed.

And earlier this month, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries imposed a complete siege on the Yazidi village of Basufan, located in the Sherwa district of Afrin, and kidnapped 11 people from the village, most of them women.

According to the administrator of civil society organizations in Afrin region, Kali Jaafar, the 45-year-old citizen Ghazala Manan is one of the 11 kidnapped women at the time, and she is still being held by the occupation despite losing her memory as a result of torture.

'Night theft'

According to the Union of Yazidis in Afrin, dozens of Yazidi women have been killed. The union has documented the names of all Yazidis it brought to humanitarian and international organizations, but the global silence, pushes the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to continue their crimes.

The Turkish occupation mercenaries loot their properties, as they did a while ago with a 65-year-old woman, Khano Esau, from Faqira, where they tied her and her husband, and looted their possessions of cash and jewelry. They did the same with the elderly Zainab from Qibar, where they stole her belongings.

'Turkey salutes ISIS again'

The Turkish occupation intends to "revive ISIS anew in Afrin through practices, actions and fatwas issued against the Yazidis," according to the Yazidi Federation in Afrin and the Yazidi Women Coordinator, who confirmed that "the Ottoman project continues against the Kurdish people in Şengal and Afrin."

This comes just before Turkish President Erdogan threatened to launch a direct attack on Şengal, as he stated: "I have a phrase that I always say: We may come by surprise one night, this is the summary of the matter."



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