From Turkey to Lebanon, four million dollars … Minister of Interior reveals the hidden one!

Lebanese Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy revealed that a private plane that came from Turkey, four people on board, were Turkish and Syrians, they were transporting four million dollars, and they entered on the basis that they have a banking company.

Fahmy said, according to what press sources said: "We do not know whether these funds are for smuggling and manipulation of the dollar or to fuel certain violent movements in the street. This is in addition to the instructions that come from Turkey via" WhatsApp "to some parties of the popular movement, and the question is: What brought these to Lebanon, they carry this money? "

On the level of the internal popular movement, will it take a violent nature? Minister Fahmy continued: "Some planners at home may take advantage of the poor economic and living conditions to violate and strengthen the popular movement under the title of hunger, but there are certain other goals."

He added: "The security situation is very coherent, if not excellent, but without doubt that the economic situation negatively affects the security situation, and coordination exists between all security forces in the best way, and the thing that helped me a lot in activating coordination is that I am a retired officer from The army, which is the parent institution, and the leaders of the security services, especially Major General Abbas Ibrahim, are friends and our relationship is old and brotherly, and this helps more, in addition to the relationship of respect between me and the directors of internal security and state security. Help more in coordination between the military and security forces and keep the security situation coherent, especially in terms of requesting support and support, and its backbone is the army due to the many equipment it has. "



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