FSP organized dialogue session with politicians, jurists presence

The Future Syria Party (FSP) organized an interactive dialogue at Roniwar Hall in Kobanê, attended by jurists, politicians, and members of civil society institutions.

The session covered three main topics: "The constitution and its drafting, decentralization and governance systems, Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and unity of the rank."

The session was attended by political and human rights figures and civil society actors, in addition to independent personalities and the co-chair of Kobanê Canton Council Mostafa Ito.

The session started with a lecture on the constitution and legal articles about women's rights, citizenship, and human rights delivered by the attorney Omer Atti.

Omer Atti emphasized that the Syrian constitution shows that the ruling in Syria must be a decentralized ruling, but those in charge of the constitution did not even adhere to its articles."

The attendees participated in the discussions and asked questions related to the constitution. Then, the lawyer Ferhad Baqer gave a lecture in which he talked about the manipulation happened to the Syrian revolution under religious and ethnic names, and also talked about the recent efforts to draft the Syrian constitution outside the Syrian territories without the spectra of the Syrian people.

The lecture also focused on the unity of the Kurdish rank and its necessity to build a Kurdish political structure that would be as a Kurdish political reference in Syria representing all Kurdish political parties in northern and eastern Syria.

Ferhad Baqer said: "The Takfiri groups have left behind hundreds of wounded, dead and missing people. The Arab brothers must consider the current geopolitical scene carefully and precisely. It is also necessary to believe in the necessity and imperative that the Kurdish issue in Syria must be resolved as the issue of a people living on its historical land according to real political agreements binding on all persons, and that it goes beyond that supremacist view that summarizes this political worth in the context of the peaceful co-existence concept with the other basic components in the country."

Shaheen Ali also gave a lecture on the systems of government and the presidential system (the system of absolute power) in terms of principles, definition and requirements.

Shaheen touched upon the definition of parliament, its importance, the foundations and requirements of the parliamentary system, in addition to the main differences between the presidential system and the parliamentary system, and the government's responsibility in the parliamentary system which is represented in the resignation of every government that loses the confidence of the parliament.


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