Future Syria Party's member: Turkey is the weakest party in tripartite summit

The member of the Future Syria Party-Aleppo’s branch, Welat Al, said that the tripartite summit in Ankara represents a continuation of the deals between its parties and pointed out that Turkey has lost many of its cards in Syria, the weakest party in the summit.

A tripartite summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey will be held today in the Turkish capital of Ankara. Idlib is likely to be at the forefront of the issues to be discussed by the meeting and the situation in northern and eastern Syria is also expected to be addressed.

Over the years, the three countries have made many deals only complicate the Syrian crisis, especially after it opened the way for a direct Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, increasing the risk of dividing the war-ravaged country since the spring of 2011.

About the summit, Welat Al said, "Like previous meetings that came out unresolved because the issue of Idlib has become an international issue that is not only related to those countries gathered. Nor do they put humanitarian issues into discussion, agreeing to allocate places of control to manage their interests in the region. "

And he reduced the chances of success of the summit, "I find that this meeting will not give anything new in the political arena in general, but will be the completion of the deals between those parties."

He pointed out that Turkey is the weakest party in the summit, "we find that the most lost in the political bargaining is Turkey, they have nothing left to bargain only blackmail paper, the file of refugees and mercenary gangs that move within the orders of the Turkish state

"We see a Turkish deficit regarding the application of some of its obligations to the groups under its control, including the issue of eradication of  Jabhat al-Nusra, or the so-called HTS, but so far we have not found any movement in this direction. The weakest at all levels in terms of bargains and what will be earned. "



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