Future Syria Party's member: Turkey still aspires to occupy Tel-Rifat 

 Future Syria Party's member in the branch of Afrin canton has called the people to support the project of the decentralized democratic in Syria to confront the Turkish occupation to occupy north and east of Syria, stressing that Turkey is still continuing its plans to occupy more Syrian's territories.

Turkey continues to mobilize its troops in the border areas off the north and east of Syria of Tel- Abyad and Kobani in parallel with threats by Turkish officials to occupy the area.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with Sadak Barakat, said that " Turkish state has been experiencing an economic crisis since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis because of its support for mercenary gangs its differences with the major powers complicate matters."

A member of the Future Syria Party branch of Afrin canton "It makes them (Turkey) in a state of tension and recklessness in making political decisions."

In the face of Turkish threats, Barakat called, "we as the Future Syria Party, we call on the Syrian people to gather around the project of a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria to reach peaceful solutions in the spirit of brotherhood."

In another context, Barakat said: "From the Russian-Turkish plans to invade Turkey on Tel -Rifat district in al-Shahba canton and attack on the north-east of Syria, but they disagreed on some points and this has failed plans in the area."

Areas near Tel- Rifat have been exposed to almost daily Turkish shelling, causing human and material damage.

He pointed out that the Turkish occupation "still aspires to occupy Tel-Rifat district in the canton of Shahba in order to expand its influence to the entire villages and areas of the city of Aleppo and to undermine the will of the people of Afrin, who are still bravely resisting and wants to keep them away from the borders of the canton of Afrin and displacement too far away."

A member of Future Syria Party, said that Turkey's goal of deporting the Syrian refugees is to change the demographic structure of the occupied Afrin canto by deporting its indigenous inhabitants and settling the refugees instead of them.



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