Gabriel: We aim to become a specialized force

The spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, Kino Gabriel, said that the General Council of the Forces is part of it and its main task is to develop annual programs and strategies for the forces.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with Gabriel to talk about the work of the General Council and the objectives of the SDF in the next phase

Gabriel Kino said: "This was the first annual meeting of the military formations and councils of the SDF, to complete the work of the new organizational structure of the SDF, through which we aim to become a more formal, effective and specialized force."

"This work started from the past months and more broadly since the past years through the formation of the military councils that helped to liberate the various areas from the terror of ISIS and later in northern Syria," Kino said.

The spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces Gabriel Kino explained: "With this meeting, the Council's work will be fully clarified, supported and ultimately assisted in supporting and transforming the SDF, and its readiness to confront the challenges and threats currently in the region."

He pointed out that "there are various issues within this framework, including the issue of the buffer zone and the mechanism of its implementation, and carrying out of the sleeper cells' operations, whether ISIS or other regional and local forces, in general the challenges and threats that exist and are an essential part of this stage must be better dealt with."

Kino explained: "The Council is not separate from the Syrian Democratic Forces, this Council is part of the organizational structure of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which brings together the various formations and military councils, which were formed in different regions during the past period."

On the tasks of this Council, Kino Gabriel explained: "The development of the annual programs and general strategies of the SDF in accordance with the challenges and threats that exist in the current stage, and the SDF will follow up the implementation of these programs and do what is necessary according to its decisions."

Regarding their current strategy to fight ISIS mercenaries, Kino said: "The operations carried out by the SDF along with the Internal Security Sorces supported by the International Coalition forces are ongoing to enable us to achieve certain successes such as arresting dozens of these cells and their personnel and thwarting dozens." One of the terrorist operations that the Islamic State wanted to carry out.

In a related context, Gabriel stressed that the threats to the areas of northern and eastern Syria are not issued by the Turkish state alone, adding: "There are many regional and local countries threaten the region and this negatively affects the conduct of our operations against ISIS mercenaries and gives more room for these cells to move since the focus of our security forces the military is dispersed and distributed on many axes and issues."



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