Gap increasing between Washington, Ankara, this time over Caracas

Turkey continues to support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro despite Washington's demand to stop it, according to the special envoy of US President Donald Trump to the Latin American country, the Financial Times reported.

"The Turkish president strongly supports Maduro's regime and US officials have not received the cooperation that Washington wanted from Turkey," Elliott Abrams was quoted by the Financial Times as telling US special envoy Donald Trump to Venezuela.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was a frank supporter of Maduro, facing an economic war and a harsh US-led embargo that supports Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido.

Turkey continues to set up joint ventures with the Venezuelan government to explore gold and coal and has begun investing in the country's oil industry.

According to Abrams, Washington asked Ankara to stop these projects, and said, "whether gold or anything else of value, we ask the government concerned to stop."

"Turkey is undermining its own position, not only in Venezuela but in Latin America as a whole," he told the Financial Times.

The Financial Times said: "Abrams refused to comment on the possible consequences of Turkey's failure to comply with the demands of the United States."

Erdogan's support for Maduro is only one of many issues where tensions have risen between two NATO allies in the past two months.



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