​​​​​​​Gaweriah: Recognizing AANES is legitimate demand for all NES's components

​​​​​​​The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Al-Jazera region stressed the necessity of recognizing the AANES, "because it is a legitimate demand for all components of northeast Syria. Making it clear that the Autonomous Administration can be applied in Syria and the Middle East."

 The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazera region, Nazeera Gaweriah , explained that the warring  countries funding the Syrian crisis have not yet reached an agreement to resolve the crisis, despite the meetings of Geneva, Sochi and Astana, and said: “Even the committee that was formed to draft a new Syrian constitution.  It failed as the active forces on the ground did not participate in those meetings, especially the Autonomous Administration.

 Gaweriah pointed out the presence of some international powers, led by the Turkish occupation state, prevent a solution to the Syrian crisis and impede the participation of representatives of the Autonomous Administration in international meetings regarding Syria.

 She explained: "Now the AANES manages more than 5 million people on a geography that exceeds 35% of Syria. They have the right to obtain official political recognition."

 She praised the the Autonomous Administration, "The Autonomous Administration has proven its presence at all levels. It established stability in the region after its liberation from the mercenary factions and it worked to secure services for all residents of the region, in light of the conditions it witnesses and the tight siege."

 A Korean counterpart confirmed that recognition of the Autonomous Administration is a demand for all components of north and east Syria, "and this demand is legitimate because the components were able to stand firm in the face of all challenges, and to establish a pluralistic, participatory democratic system in which all components participate in accordance with a social contract that guarantees all political, cultural and social rights of all components."

 A Korean counterpart noted: "Self-administration is a democratic system that can be applied within Syria and even in the Middle East," and added, "We believe that it is the best solution to the Syrian crisis and remove the bottlenecks within it."

 She indicated that the Autonomous Administration is in continuous development and keeps pace with all developments in the region, and it is a popular and mass administration, "The Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council recently held mass meetings with all components of the region, and opinions and proposals were taken to develop the work of the Autonomous Administration and improve its performance, and these meetings resulted in a number of  Among the recommendations and proposals, and now it is working to implement them, and the first of these steps is to formulate the meeting contract at the level of north and east Syria.

 Developing political and diplomatic relations

 She indicated that the Autonomous Administration has been seeking to develop political and diplomatic relations with regional and international countries, "as several delegations visited the region to get the acquainted with the Autonomous Administration closely.

 She pointed out that :"All delegations had good impressions, and they found the solid interconnection and solidarity between the components of the region."

 She indicated that the visiting delegations to the region continue in addition to holding meetings and conferences abroad to introduce the Autonomous Administration project, and said: "We find a kind of positivity from all visiting parties, and this is highlighted in the media. W e are optimistic about this matter, and we hope that they will recognize the AANES in the next stage.

 She confirmed that the Autonomous Administration was able to unite the Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Chechens and Turkmen, and these components formed a beautiful, harmonious mosaic panel, and noted: "The duty of all regional and international guarantor countries to pressure and strive to resolve the Syrian crisis, and to involve all representatives of the Syrian people in the negotiations."



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