​​​​​​​General Council of AANES: We are open to a dialogue that changes regime's mentality

 The Deputy co-presidency of the General Council in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria reiterated the administration's readiness for dialogue with the Damascus government, but stressed that this dialogue should lead to a change in the latter's mentality.

 The Deputy of the co-presidency of the General Council in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Yasser Al-Sulaiman, told our agency, "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, international and regional parties have sought to find a way out for the Syrians from this crisis, and some parties were sincere in their intentions and others were hesitant and vacillating according to the interests.

  Al-Suleiman explained, "Since the establishment of the Autonomous Administration, it has been seeking consensus with other Syrian parties to reach a peaceful solution that guarantees the unity of Syria and a free and decent life for all its people and components.  More than 5 million people participate in conferences held to solve the Syrian crisis.

 Pointing out that "the Syrian regime tried to find a solution according to its own narrow vision in cooperation with Russia and Iran, but it did not succeed, because it excludes the other and does not accept it, especially since it excluded the Autonomous Administration areas and their components, and also tried to create strife between the components and stifle efforts to reach any solution that satisfies all Syrian parties.

 Al-Sulaiman pointed to "the settlements or reconciliations that the Damascus government has begun working on in the region," and said: "They do not help in resolving the Syrian crisis and its goals are clear to the public." He added, "Syria needs a comprehensive and national settlement that guarantees the rights of all and a free and decent life for all the people of Syria." 

 He explained, "All Syrian parties must sit at the negotiating table, and the guarantor countries must play their role, not implement their agendas on Syrian soil, as the regional countries have done in managing their interests on the ground by recruiting people to occupy and divide the Syrian land."

 'The Autonomous Administration is open to all parties if it is honest'

 He stressed, "The Autonomous Administration is open to all parties to resolve the Syrian crisis, if these parties are sincere in trying to find a way out for the Syrian people from the bottleneck, because the Autonomous Administration's principle is based on recognizing the rights of all components."

 "The Syrian crisis can only be resolved by changing the mindset of the exclusionary, authoritarian government of Damascus, which is trying to humiliate others through imaginary settlements that have no value on the ground," Al-Sulaiman explained.

 He stressed that "the AANES is open to peaceful dialogue that will result in a change of the regime's mentality."

 Al-Sulaiman concluded his speech by saying, "The Autonomous Administration agrees with the opposition sects in order to change the mentality of the Syrian regime, and it differs with those who opposed the regime and came with foreign agendas to occupy the Syrian territory. All Syrian lands must be liberated from occupation in full agreement among all factions and components in Syria."



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