Geneva, Libya negotiations launch today who attended

The Libyan political dialogue will start today, Wednesday, in the "who attended" without the participation of the parties to the conflict.

 The United Nations Mission in Libya confirmed on Tuesday evening that the Libyan political dialogue in Geneva will start as scheduled on Wednesday, despite the parties to the conflict announcing the suspension of their participation.

"The Libyan political dialogue will start as scheduled," said mission spokesman Jan al-Alam.

The Deputy Speaker of the Libyan Parliament had confirmed the withdrawal of all delegations representing Parliament from those discussions, and their non-participation in them.

He states that despite the announcement by the Council of State that supports the Accord Government, "and the Libyan parliament (which supports the Libyan army) to suspend their participation in political talks, for various reasons, but an official source in the UN mission confirmed that a large number of participants arrived in Geneva.

The dialogue was supposed to include 13 representatives of the Libyan parliament, 13 representatives of the State Council, in addition to figures who received an invitation from the United Nations envoy Ghassan Salameh.

During the past few days, the Libyan negotiations witnessed military talks to establish a cease-fire in the capital, Tripoli, in completion of what was agreed upon in the Berlin conference last January between the countries concerned with the Libyan crisis on the need to reach a permanent armistice, and to stop supplying arms to the country that was exhausted by the war years ago.

On Monday, the two sides of the Joint Libyan Military Committee suspended their participation in the talks for further consultations with their leaderships in Libya, where the United Nations was planning a meeting that includes legislators from both sides to end the ongoing war between the two parties.

Several Arab and European countries accused Turkey of not fulfilling its pledges during the Berlin conference regarding sending mercenaries and weapons to Libya.



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