Gerila TV releases video of May 24 operation

Gerila TV released the footage from action carried out within the framework of the Revolutionary Revenge Operation on May 24 in the Resistance Areas. The footage includes seized weapons.

The Media Office of the People`s Defense Forces (HPG) released the following information regarding the action:

“On May 24 at 09.30.a.m., our semi-mobile teams approached the occupiers from 2 flanks and hit the occupiers when they were around the battle positions in Gire Sehid Shemdin in the Resistance Area of Kurajahro in Zap. Our forces stroongly carried out successive tactics of the new era. The information on the actions are as follows:

The first group hit a position of the occupiers at close range. 2 occupiers were deployed in the position and both of the two were killed and the position was destroyed. The second group targeted another position and they hit the position with grenades and individual weapons. The occupiers left their position and fled during the first moments of the attacks. Our forces destroyed this position. The occupiers were targeted by our forces when attempting to intervene in the area where the action was being carried out, resulting in another 4 occupiers being killed. Our semi-mobile teams approached the occupier`s position and killed a further 2 occupiers. Here, our forces seized a PKM, 150 PKM rounds and a thermal scope. Our forces also targeted another position and that position was also destroyed.

During this Revolutionary Revenge Operation carried out as lightning from the sky by our forces, 8 occupiers were killed, a PKM weapon along with 150 PKM rounds and a thermal scope. 3 positions were destroyed.”

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