German authorities are investigating a Syrian doctor accused of torture

​​​​​​​The German authorities began investigating a Syrian doctor accused of torture crimes in Syria against "opponents of the regime", after he was identified by two witnesses, and other testimonies against him, in parallel with the trial of two officers accused of torture.

The German authorities are investigating a Syrian refugee doctor residing in Germany suspected of crimes against humanity in Homs.

The defendant, called Hafez "A", is a resident of Hesse, and he is practicing the medical profession in the state. He is suspected of beating, torturing, and mistreating wounded government opponents in Military Hospital in Homs, which witnessed an uprising against the Bashar al-Assad government. Hafez "A" arrived in Germany in May / May 2015 He is currently working in a spa hospital.

According to Der Spiegel, the investigation was based on testimonies of four people, including the two former doctors at the military hospital, Mayez al-Ghajar and Muhammad Wahba, and two other witnesses, last week, who lost a family member to torture, identified the suspect as a snapshot.

"Hafez A" strongly denies the charges against him, stressing that the charges are coming from "slander from extremist Islamic circles."

However, his two former colleagues recounted that he boasted about operating on an injured opponent without anesthesia, and that he poured alcohol over the genitals of an opponent inside an ambulance and set him on fire, according to another statement, in October 2011 he was beaten by a young man with epilepsy and forced to insert shoes into his mouth.

The Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper had published a testimony in 2019 about the doctor, Muhammad Wehbe, in which he stated that the accused doctor, and the result of sectarian hatred, caused the detainee, who had his genitals burned, with severe damage that could not be cured.



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