German expert: S-400 systems will lead to deteriorate relationship between US, Turkey

The deal between Ankara and Moscow will lead to deteriorate of relations between Turkey and the United States, said the German expert and political scientist professor Thomas Eger in an article in Focus Online magazine that the conflict over the supply of Russian S-400 missile systems to Turkey could result in a recent withdrawal from "NATO", which would be "a great victory for Vladimir Putin."

The German expert stressed during his article that Washington will be forced to impose sanctions on Turkey for buying these systems. "The US president, Donald Trump, will probably try to delay the imposition of these sanctions, but he will not be able to completely abandon them," he said.

And added "Turkey's decision on its withdrawal from "NATO" would become a huge strategic loss for the alliance," he said. Explaining that this formula cannot be excluded, pointing out that the outcome of the conflict will depend on who will be considered by the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to ensure his political future.

At the same time, the expert pointed out that the reality of the emergence of this conflict between Ankara and Washington is the same as "a great victory for Vladimir Putin." He stressed that the atmosphere of mistrust between each other will flourish in relations between "NATO" member states, even if Turkey remains a member.

The German expert and political scientist noted that weakening contacts with the United States and improving relations with Russia would result in significant political and economic losses for Turkey, stressing that Turkey would pay a heavy price for this move. Erdogan would need Moscow to stay in power.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced on Friday, the beginning of the supply of systems, "S-400" Russian to Turkey. Four Russian cargo planes carrying parts of the S-400 systems arrived at Akiningi Air Base in Ankara on Friday and Saturday.



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