German magazine calls on EU to impose sanctions on Ankara

The German magazine Der Spiegel called on the European Union to impose sanctions on Ankara to prevent Recep Tayyip Erdogan from dragging the country into more tyranny.

The German magazine Der Spiegel said in an editorial this week, "For years, the German government has faced Erdogan's policies," stressing the importance of keeping channels of dialogue between the two countries, and added, "But the current situation clearly shows that dialogue is not a good strategy."

The magazine added, "Erdogan's undermining of democracy has not only begun with the decision of the Elections Body to re-vote in Istanbul; it has been for years in violation of the principles of the state of law and the nationalization of the media."

"Over the past few days, we have not heard a strong response from European politicians about what is happening in Turkey. Europe is required to take a strong stand towards Erdogan, and firmness must be shown by imposing European sanctions on Ankara," the magazine said.

"You must know very well that imposing sanctions on Turkey will be a good step that can force Erdogan's regime to commit itself to democracy," the magazine wrote to the EU.

The publication of this opening came after the German journalist of Turkish origin Denis Yogel's announcement that he had been tortured during his arrest in Turkey on charges of promoting for terrorism in 2017 before German pressures to return him to Berlin succeeded.



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