German police capture 7 people linked to ISIS in Syria

German police launched a series of raids and arrested seven accused of financing ISIS, including a Turkish citizen.

Four women and three men were arrested in Germany over financing ISIS mercenaries in Syria.

Police officers carried out a series of raids early in the morning on 19 homes across the country, including Berlin, while a coordinated search was carried out on a building in the Netherlands.

German prosecutors claim that the detainees were working as "financial intermediaries" in a network supporting ISIS mercenaries in Syria. The seven detainees, who hold German, Turkish, Moroccan and Kosovar nationalities are also accused of violating export laws.

The officials say the donations are being made to strengthen ISIS by helping ensure supplies are delivered to terrorist gangs being held in two camps in NE Syria.

A counterterrorism expert told the Emirati newspaper The National earlier this year that the West must provide more support to the SDF or risk the resurgence of ISIS.



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