Germany describes al-Hol camp in Syria as a dangerous terror school

The German government has promised that al-Hol refugee camp in Syria has developed into a dangerous terror school.

Al-Hol camp is located in northeastern Syria, and the German government has talked about the general situation in the camp based on press reports and special information.

In response to a briefing request from the parliamentary bloc of the "Left" party, the German Foreign Ministry said, "The ideology and application of the terrorist organization ISIS are being passed there, especially by foreign advocates of the organization, in educational groups organized for minors," according to Al Ain newspaper.

"The level of extremism among children and adolescents is high, and acts of actual and verbal violence are increasing from this group," said the response, seen by the German news agency (DPA), on Saturday.

"The leadership level of ISIS appears to view children and adolescents in refugee and prison camps as the next generation of ISIS organization, "the ministry added.

It noted that "the attacks of ISIS supporters have become more violent and are leading to more killings than in 2019, explaining that the refugee camps are overcrowded and the situation of supplies is poor."

The ministry pointed out that "according to the data of the" Syrian Democratic Forces "(SDF), there are currently" about 12,000 (former) ISIS members "in prisons run by Kurds in northern and eastern Syria.

The German government estimates the number of adult German citizens arrested for belonging to ISIS or other "terrorist" organizations, to 80 citizens, 30 men and 50 women.

"The German government must, at least, take care of children of extremist ISIS descendants from Germany with their mothers," the leader of the German Parliament's internal affairs committee said of the "Left" party, adding that "there is no other way to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and a new generation of ISIS terrorists. "

And the German authorities recently warned that more than 100 ISIS mercenaries returning to Germany have combat experience, or have received combat training.

A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry said, "There is information in the security services that more than 100 people who have returned so far have actively participated in hostilities in Syria or Iraq, or have received training in this."

And the expectations of the security services in Berlin indicate that more than 1060 extremists have gone over the past years from Germany to Syria or Iraq, and about a third of that number returned to the country.

that combines criminal prosecution with the interest of the security authorities, as well as efforts to remove the militancy of some of these and reintegrate them.

The integration programs of mercenaries who return to mercenaries remain controversial in Europe, where some of those who have undergone these programs participated in terrorist operations.

This was published by the Anatolia Agency of the Turkish government yesterday, that its intelligence managed to smuggle Moldovan mercenaries with its four children and deliver them to the Turkish interior.

The aim of smuggling foreign women is to use them as a pressure card on the European countries, and they also organize themselves in the Turkish interior, and then cross over to the European countries to implement terrorist plans in them.


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