​​​​​​​Girê Spî District Council warns of further large - scale displacement if Turkish attacks continue

The Deputy Co-presidency of the Girê Spî District Council, Hazza Muhammad, warned of further displacement amidst the Turkish violations and aggressions on the countryside of Girê Spî, calling on the international community and the Russian guarantor to pressure Turkey to prevent repeating catastrophes in Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê after their occupation.

Hazza Muhammad’s talk came after the repeated attacks and attempts of infiltration by Turkey and its mercenaries into the area despite the ceasefire agreement and extension of the emergency order approved by the United States of America a year ago.

The Deputy Co-presidency of the Girê Spî District Council / Tal Abyad, Muhammad condemned the assaults which led to the killing of a child, and the injury of a number of civilians.

He expressed his astonishment about the international silence, especially the Russian guarantor on such violations although Russia is the sponsor for the ceasefire agreement, as it sees what is happening on the ground without doing anything.

Since the 16th of this month, the countryside of Girê Spî canton has been being subjected to intense indiscriminate shelling, in addition to three infiltration attempts by the mercenaries on the villages of “Saida, Al-Fattasa and Khaldiya” where SDF prevented them from getting to their destination.

The infiltration of mercenaries to the village of Al-Khaldiya in Ain Issa district was a day before last, and coincided with the passage of a Russian military convoy on the M4 highway, heading towards the city of Tal Tamr, it was only 2 km away from the clashes.

He warned of further displacement if such violations continue, and added that these infiltration attempts terrified the people of the sound of shells and cannons, that forced them to migrate to Al Raqqa's countryside with their families.

At the end of his speech, he called on the international community and human rights organizations to intervene and pressure on Turkey to stop ethnic cleansing.

In recent days, several shells have fallen on civilian homes in the town of Al-Jaran and Ain Issa district, causing terror and material damage. It may be noted that the number of displaced people from Girê Spî district and its countryside after Turkey’s occupation on the 9th of October of last year has reached more than 100,000 displaced people, suffering from difficult living and financial conditions in light of the economic conditions that the country is witnessing.



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