Girê Spî farmers fear to harvest their crops near border

Girê Spî canton's farmers, whose agricultural lands are located on the border with Turkey, are afraid to harvest their summer agricultural crops, especially after repeated Turkish targeting of farmers. 

 Girê Spî canton's farmers are fearing to harvest their summer crops near the Turkish border in north Syria, in particular after the repeated Turkish targeting of farmers working among their farmland, making it difficult for them to harvest their crops

The Turkish occupation army targets all civilians who encounter them near the border, whether they are passers-by or farmers who are working in their agricultural lands adjacent to the border.

The number of people targeted by Turkey reached 28 killed and wounded people, including children and women between the period 2018 and this year.

The farmer Othman Omar from the village of Tel Fender west of Girê Spî / Tel-Abyed said, "I have agricultural lands of about 60 dunums close to the border, planted with barley and now, as the harvest season approaches, I am afraid to harvest the crop because the border guards fire at anyone approaching their land near the border."

He said that the Turkish army targeted a relative of his not long ago, which led to his injury seriously.

Othman Omar called on Human Rights organizations and the United Nations to put an end to the Turkish violations and put pressure on them to respect the neighboring countries and human rights.

On November 1 last year, the Turkish army targeted the girl Sara Refat al-Mustafa, whose age has not exceeded 7 years with a sniper while she was returning from school in her village Tel Fender.

This comes at a time when targeting from the Turkish side has been a daily spectacle exposed to the people of the border villages.

Amina Mustafa, a resident of Girê Spî border villages, said, "In the past, the whole family used to go to work in the land and look after it because it was our source of income, but in recent years, we have not been able to go to our land because of the Turkish border guards' targeting the farmers."

"We have not cultivated our land for years and we cannot go to it for fear of being shot," Amina said, adding, "We ask the Turkish government to respect the neighbor's rights and stop these practices against our regions."



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