GIRÊ SPî people: SDF protect us, we did not want Turkey

Al-Jaran town's residents, west of GIRÊ SPî / Tel-Abyed, said they would not give up their land in favor of Turkey if it launched an aggression against the area

They have rejected Turkish threats to occupy the area, stressing that they will not abandon their land this time after they were forced to displace it when it attacked by Daesh mercenaries, and they returned to the town after liberating it by People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) on 2015.

In interviews with Hawar news agency (ANHA), residents say they will not leave their land to Turkey and they will fight against on it.

Sultana Haj Khalil, is 80 years, from Sarzouri village in al-Jaran, says "We are the owners of this land, not as Turkey claims. We reject Turkish interference in our affairs.

Sultana adds: "For all my life, I did not see the safety as we live now, during the control of the Syrian regime we were subjected to injustice, and villages were marginalized, and with the advent of Free Army gangs, all their concern was robbery, looting and kidnapping, and when ISIS came it displaced us, but now there is everything ".

"Erdogan fancied that we are leaving our land, we went out once and we will not repeat the mistake again," she concluded.

Darwish Ismail, another citizen from the town of al-Jaran, says, `` We live in peace and security with our brothers from the Armenian and Arab component without any discrimination. Our coexistence proves to the world how close we are. There are no terrorists in northern Syria, as Erdogan claims, who claim to be terrorists are our children and brothers. ''

He appealed to Darwish, "all the Syrians who sold themselves to the Turkish state to review themselves and return to their land, do not entice the Turkish funds, Turkey is attacking the region by using its children and creating a civil war in which the brother kills his brother. "

"We do not want Turkey at all, this is our properties and our land, why do Turkey want to occupy it? We live in peace and security and SDF our forces protect us," Fidan Bozan said.

"What did Turkey do in Afrin except murder and theft? They stole antiquities and killed children and adults. They changed the demography of the area," Fidan asked.



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