Girê Spi: 10% tax deducted from the price of crops marketed by the Turkish company Tmo

Local sources from the occupied territories reported that the so-called "local council" in the occupied city of Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad imposed a tax that deducts 10 percent of the price of the crop of each farmer who marketed to the Turkish company Tmo.

According to the sources, the farmers who had to market their crops of grains (wheat, barley) due to the monopoly of marketing crops through the brokers and traders of the Turkish company Tmo, were surprised by the decision of the so-called "local council" to impose a tax on the price of their marketed crops, which is 10 percent, giving no further details about the reasons for imposing this tax.

The source added that the farmers are dissatisfied with this tax, as during the agricultural season they did not receive any support such as (fertilizers, fuel or subsidized seeds) from the aforementioned council.


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