Gire Spi Council with warning on resettlement of refugees in occupied territories

Deputy co-chair of Gire Spi Canton Council came with a warning on the resettlement of Syrian refugees in territories occupied by the Turkish state.

Hazai Muhammed, deputy co-chair of Gire Spi Canton Council spoke to ANHA newsagency regarding the deportation of thousands of Syrian refugees in Turkey and their resettlement in occupied territories.

Hazai Muhammed started off by condemning the violations of the Turkish occupation state and their mercenaries and the demographic change and forced resettlement of citizens from areas like Homs, Hamma and Eastern Khuteya in Damascus into the regions of North and East Syria.

According to documents in the hands of Gire Spi Canton Council, the number of refugees from the occupied canton has passed 100 thousand, and these are now living in the cities of Tabqa, Raqqa and their countryside. In addition, 6 540 refugees in the refugee camp for refugees from Gire Spi, situated near Tel al-Samin in eastern Raqqa, are living under poor economical conditions. 

The deputy co-chair of Gire Spi Canton Council stated that the resettlement politics will prolong the Syrian crisis further and said: “The demographic change in the regions of Syria is a disaster in all political and humanitarian aspects.”

It is well known that the deportations of Syrian refugees from Turkey towards occupied territories have increased in numbers since the decission of the occupation authorities to return Syrian refugees towards occupied territories “Jarablus, Serekaniye and Gire Spi”. In addition to this, settlement complexes are beeing built in those regions with funding from Qatar and Kuwait. Our agency has documented the arrival of 4 181 refugees in Gire Spi and their settlement into the homes of its displaced residents during the last 5 months.

Settlement complexes in Ain Aroush town in the occupied canton and the vicinity of the occupied canton are being bult on the agricultural fields belonging to the displaced citizens which the so-called “Gire Spi Local Council” has confiscated. Suleyman Soylu, Turkish Interior Minister, visited those settlements two months ago and demanded that the construction process be completed as soon as possible.

Muhammed Hazai, deputy co-chair of the Gire Spi Canton Concil, called on the international community to take a clear stance against those violations and pressure Turkey to withdraw from Syrian territory and ensure a peaceful life for all the refugees.




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