Gire Spi’s displaced: we would not return to areas mercenaries rule

The displaced in the town of Girê Spi said they would not return to a city where mercenaries were found to be corrupt, saying that the mercenaries had seized their homes under false pretexts in preparation for a demographic change in the region, appealing to the international community to secure their return to their homes.

According to Girê Spi / Tall Abyad Provincial Council, more than 5,400 families have been displaced from the Girê Spi / Tall Abyad district to the city of Raqqa and its northern countryside.

Most of the inhabitants of Girê Spi / Tal Abyad abandoned their city and its countryside because of the immoral practices and violations by the Turkish occupation mercenaries against the people there, in addition to the excessive cost of the necessary supplies for their lives and the lack of safety there.

According to the displaced Mohammed al-Mahmoud from the town of Girê Spi that he was displaced to the camp of Tal Abyad because of the security chaos in the city after the occupation by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state.

In an interview with Hawar news agency, Al-Mahmoud said that the "big disaster" is the excessive cost of the foodstuffs, pointing out that the town of Girê Spi has only a few shops left after the owners unloaded their goods for fear of looting.

He stressed that he will not return to a city ruled by mercenaries, whose main concern is looting and kidnapping, pointing out that the people fear their lives there because of the widespread kidnappings by mercenaries who demand a ransom, and the frequent bombings that take the lives of civilians in order to displace the people.

Badriya al-Omar says she went to the camp because there was no house to shelter after being displaced from her town after Turkish aggression and indiscriminate shelling of their safe houses.

She attributed the reason for not returning to her home because of insecurity in the city and the mercenaries’ seizure of her house because it belongs to Kurds.

Both displaced Mahmud al-Mahmud and Badriya al-Omar appealed to the international community to pressure the Turkish state to end its occupation of their city and secure their return.

It is worth mentioning that the Girê Spi Provincial Council, in cooperation with the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, established Tal Abyad camp to house forcibly displaced people near the village of Tel Samman in the northern countryside of Raqqa city.



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