Girl kidnapped, woman raped by Turkish occupation in Afrin

Within a series of crimes against the people of Afrin, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries kidnapped a girl at Terenda village's checkpoint and raped another woman in Tel Sallur village in Janders district.


According to local sources from Afrin, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted the girl Zuzan Bashir Suleiman at Terenda checkpoint last Friday on April 20, while she was returning with her family to Afrin.

According to the family's testimony to the source, two Turkish mercenaries were at the checkpoint with two Turkish soldiers. During the interrogation, Zuzan said that she was a teacher of sportive education. Suddenly, the two Turkish soldiers shouted to the checkpoint’s elements and demanded to arrest Zuzan accusing her of being a terrorist. Then, she was taken to an unknown destination.

The family also explained that after reviewing the security branch of the Turkish occupation army in Afrin, they told them that they took her to the Turkish state of Kills, and during a review of her relatives in Turkey to Kills station, they confirmed that her name did not reach them.

In another series of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ crimes, other sources from Janders district reported that two days ago, the Turkish occupation forces raped a Kurdish woman from Tel Sallur village after torturing her in dreadful ways. Moreover, the source preferred not to be named.

The source pointed out that the elements of the Turkish occupation army carried out this crime after the woman refused to work with them, while it has not been known what nature of the work they asked her," and therefore, they committed this crime against her.

The source also confirmed that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries told the villagers that they would take the woman and turn her into a prostitute throughout the area of Janders. This is to frighten the people and compel them to abandon their villages to settle the families of mercenaries instead of them within the policies of changing the demographic of the area.



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