Good Shepherd Church was confiscated by Turkish Occupation mercenaries

Sources inside Afrin said that the armed mercenary factions of the Turkish occupation (the mercenaries of al-Sultan Morad and the mercenaries of Jaish al-Sharqiya) had fought each other to take and confiscate the Good Shepherd Church in Afrin. The two factions ended their fighting by dividing the building of the church and a residential building related to it with their possessions among themselves. The photos show the names of two factions on the walls to fix their controlling.


The sources also said that only 3 of 250 Christian families remained in Afrin and its villages. Those 3 families can't go out of their houses only for insuring daily needs because of annoyance of the military factions and Turkish soldiers against them. Other families displaced to al-Shahba canton and Aleppo city.

Valentine Hannan, the clergyman of the church has called for the international community after two days of the Turkish attack on Afrin. He demanded an international protection for Afrin urgently and stopping the bombardment. He said, ''We are exposing this moment to a heavy bombardment and the Islamic factions promise to enter the area. We, as a church, ask the God to protect and our brothers to pray for us and help us too.”

 It is worth mentioning that the number of the Christians in Afrin city’s center and its villages was 250 distributed as follow: 190 families in Afrin city, 45 in Janders district and 15 others in Mabata district.



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