Gorca Aligabarita Diaz: Keeping PKK on terrorist list is an obstacle to peace

 The Spanish senator and member of the Basque Party, Gorka Elejabarrieta Diaz (Euskal Herria Bildu), said that the Turkish state is taking advantage of keeping the PKK's name on the terrorist list in order to legitimize its attacks.

 Twenty-nine politicians, writers, intellectuals, peace activists, lawyers, and artists formed the International Justice for the Kurds Initiative.

 These personalities include: Nobel Prize-winning writer Elfriedi Jeline, politician Slavoj sozjek, international law expert Professor Norman Baysch, EUTCC Secretary-General Professor Michael M.  These figures launched a campaign to remove the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) from the European Union's terrorist list.

 The Spanish Senator and Spokesperson for International Relations of the Basque Party EH Bildu, Gorka Elejabarrieta Diaz, one of the signatories to the campaign, said that in order to resolve the Kurdish Question through negotiations and dialogue;  Negotiations must take place with all parties, and accordingly, PKK must be removed from the EU's terror list.

 Gorka Elejabarrieta Diaz said that the occupying Turkish state is exploiting this matter in order to justify its attacks on the Kurdish people, adding: "The Turkish state is taking advantage of the PKK's name remaining on the terrorist list in order to legitimize its attacks."

He noted that keeping the PKK on the "terror list" constitutes an obstacle to peace, adding on the subject: "This has led to a restriction of freedom of expression and the elimination of civil liberties. It opened the way for attacks and bans on political parties, as well as the banning of newspapers."  TV stations, etc.

 Gorka Elejabarrieta Diaz stated that they understand the situation of the Kurdish people well, because they are exposed to similar situations in the Basque region, and added: "Through our experiences we know that these obstacles must be removed, and we have repeatedly called for the removal of the name of the PKK from the European Union's list of terrorist organizations. States must  Members of the United Nations are taking serious steps in this regard."



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