Government forces, Turkey's mercenaries clash in rural Hama

Clashes between the government forces and Turkey's mercenaries are intensifying day after day, and they extend and expand outside Idlib, where the Hama countryside witnessed, today, violent clashes between the two parties that resulted in deaths and injuries.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said after midnight Thursday - Friday, axes in the northwestern coastal countryside of Hama witnessed violent clashes between government forces on the one hand and Turkey's mercenaries on the other.

The clashes focused on Qahira axis and Al-Manara, and coincided with heavy shelling and mutual targets, which resulted in injuries to both sides, amid information about the dead.

In a related context, the observatory reported, yesterday, that huge military reinforcements, including soldiers and heavy machinery belonging to the Fifth Legion supported by Russia, reached the axes of Jabal al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib, this coincided with intense missile strikes in the areas of Jabal Zawiya in the past few days.

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