Grad rockets target Mitiga airport in Tripoli

Mitiga airport in the Libyan capital on Friday night and Saturday, was targeted by Grad rockets and bombing by warplanes.


A Libyan military source announced earlier that three people, including two members of the National Army, were killed in an air strike by a drone aircraft carried out by Accord Government Forces on the city of Tarhuna, according to Reuters news agency.

The Media Office of the Accord government confirmed the attack, pointing out that the strike targeted a control vehicle in Tarhuna.

For his part, confirmed the Libyan army spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari, the army was able to shoot down three Turkish drones, and attacked dozens of targets in the out skirt of Sirte, Abu Njeim and Misrata in order to destroy the main bases from which they are being taken off there.

LNA spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari said during a meeting with al-Hadath that the battle in Libya has become a clear international intervention from Turkey and Qatar, which provide terrorists with military and financial support.





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